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 Hi there! My name is Tracy (aka The Candle Lady) as my sons call me & I am the owner of Tracy's Country Shed. We are a small family home based business located in Lyn, Ontario. I am a mother of 3 boys(men now) and wife to a wonderful/supportive husband(John) of 30 years who has put up with my crazy ideas & encourages me to go for it!

So, with that being said, Tracy's Country Shed was created in 2013. I began selling online through social media some home decor items from Country Primitive, Farmhouse to vintage & antiques as we love to go pickin!

As time went by, we opened a small shop from home & just opened on the weekends as I still

worked full-time(still do).

I LOVE candles & always have! So, I had another idea! Yes, I would try my hand at making my own candles! I wanted a natural candle without harmful toxins & I discovered SOY wax that is clean burning, longer lasting, no toxins & no dye or animal testing. It was a win win!

I was hooked! I loved the results & so did my family & friends! I am now going on almost 4 years & still love the amazing scents!

Our goal at Tracy's Country Shed is to provide affordable all natural soy wax candles & home decor items for you to enjoy.

All our candles are hand poured in small batches to ensure you get the best quality and the perfect candle! All of our jars & dough bowls are all recyclable. We love to reuse/recycle as many items as possible. I love to reuse olde mason jars or one of a kind vessels. Our candles are like “HOME” in a jar!! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!! I hope you love your candles as much as I love making them! Thank you for supporting our small family business! It means the world to us! 

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