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Heart Blessing Beads, Pink

Measures Approx. 33.4" L


White Tassel Prayer Beads

Measures approx. 48"L


Wooden Bead Garland, Light Grey

Measures approx. 36"L


Heart Prayer Beads - Large

Clay Heart

$49.99 each 


  •  Country Bumpkin – warm & cozy scent with apples & pumpkin, nutmeg & ginger straight from the oven.


    Frosted Forest – Crisp winter air, base of cypress branch & fir needle, very cool & fresh smelling


    Santa's Workshop – A mix of Santa's cherry pipe & cedar wood shavings


    Harvest – fresh & clean cranberry 


    Sweater Weather – a burst of fresh air, spearmint, pine needles & winter berries with wood, moss & vanilla 


    Cozy Flannel – fresh air, cozy flannel, lemon peel Honeysuckle, vanilla bean, musk & wood


    Cozy Cabin – smells just like your in a cabin! Winter air, sweet amber, cedar, cinnamon, nutmeg, sandalwood and vanilla


    Hillbilly Mistletoe – Evergreen/mistletoe with a hint of fruit. Fruity, green/pine, spicy, berry, mossy, musky & sweet raspberry notes with hints of cotton candy


    White Christmas – fresh winter snow, clean & refreshing, a floral bouquet with citrus & almond and a sweet musky background


    Warm Vanilla Sugar – smells like brown sugar melting on a stove with vanilla...


    Vanilla Forest – Vanilla & Christmas tree scent without the pine

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